Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

For me, internet happiness is watching makeup videos because I love makeup since I was a kid. During the lockdown, I started creating makeup looks because I had enough time to spend on creating a look and practice new tricks.

mascara GIF by Michelle Phan

When I can’t sleep either I watch makeup related videos on Instagram.

mathscosta instagram GIF

Also, in lockdown sometimes I even used to do makeup at midnight just because I used to be so bored.

ariana grande makeup GIF


1 thought on “Assignment #1- Internet Happiness”

  1. Good work! I like the GIFs! Lets see if you can add a bit more to this post this week by adding a few hyperlinks that redirect your visitors to places on the web (or Instagram) where we can see more. Perhaps embed a video or two from Youtube as well to show a nice contrast between animated GIFs and videos as content

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