Assignment 1 – Internet Happiness

Ever since the pandemic; characterized with pain, tears, depression and the boredom of staying indoors, the world endlessly itched for an opportunity to be entertained once more with sports and other activities.

When the pandemic started easing gradually in some states, the thought of a possible return-to-normal became more realistic and soon afterwards here we are: the NBA Playoffs.

The fact that it was played without fans may have affected the buzzing cheers and noise but obviously not the fun. The Lakers dominated as expected, some star players lived up to their expectations and we all enjoyed the beautiful sports.

Then comes the highlight of my week – Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi finals, in the 2nd half at 8:32 as Lebron Dunks on Russel Westbrook.

It was so exceptional that it drew one of the most unbelievable reactions from a team mate – Mcgee.

He couldn’t just believe it!!!

This comment below from a the Youtube video says it all about McGee’s reaction. And honestly, it makes one wonder whether Lebron James sees retirement is an option if he is still this good at 35.

The week continued with more fun, surprises, upsets and more entertaining playoff games.

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