Assignment 2- GIFS!

The first day of CT 101 was beyond my expectations. It was really fun and I was very intrigued on learning the content of Digital storytelling. When we were introduced by the website it looked quite appealing.

When we were told to sign up and make weekly blog posts on this strange new website that’s when I got nervous because I don’t have any experience in digital storytelling what so ever.

However things got much simple when we got to know Professor Ryan and seeing how chill he was and how easy the website was. I was able to easily sign up and make my first blog post.

Compared to my other classes this has to be hands down the most interactive class as of yet. When I heard no exams I was a happy man. Finally a class where I can just be creative and forget about studying for exams in which I probably won’t use in the future.

1 thought on “Assignment 2- GIFS!”

  1. Good work! You are rocking it here on CT101 and the class site! Creativity and learning go hand in hand, there is so much more to come in our class! New tools and ways to create content and forms of self expression!

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