Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

When I think of internet happiness, I think of completely unwinding and watching a bunch of videos. This feeling is similar to that of being wrapped up in a warm blanket during winter, in front of a fireplace, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Just an unbelieve cozy feeling.

Even when I was really young, I spent most of the time on the internet watching YouTube videos. At first it was a past time became a habit. Especially after the repercussions of the pandemic, browsing YouTube divulged into a lifestyle. It’s insane how the internet is embedded in our lives right now. I remember when other medias such as Twitter and Google shut down temporarily without warning. Mass hysteria ensued at minimum a national level.
Happiness on the internet definitely hit an all-time high when those medias suddenly stopped working. It really puts into perspective how essential technology is in our daily lives and has become part of our identities. Even though the internet has brought us much happiness, we should definitely try to detach ourselves incase another event like that happens again.
This gif is from a scene in the movie, Orphan, when Ester has a panic attack in the bathroom. Her actions are poetic to the masses when google shut down for about an hour. Here’s a link to the scene.
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