Assignment #1- What is making me happy on the Internet?

The annual MTV Video Music Awards were held on September 12, 2021, in New York City. So many celebrities attended from Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper to Olivia Rodrigo and many more. Many people shared their views about the winners and performances. 

Facebook post.


The Facebook post above shows that some people thought Justin Bieber did not deserve to win. As the comment says there were many other artists that should have won, since the VMAs are done by people voting, many think it was an unfair win.

The Tweet above is about Chlöe performing her song “Have Mercy”. They are criticizing Chlöe for her outfit and how it is “very” revealing, but there will always be a double standard because men most of the time have women dancing in bikinis and are not held responsible. What makes me “happy” about this is that the Internet is a free space to express your thoughts but you will always have to be able to defend your argument.

This other Tweet is commenting about the lack of Latino representation, which is something I agree with and it is something that makes me happy because they are making people responsible for it. Rosalía won MTV Video Music Award for Best Latin Video but she is a Spaniard which would make her Hispanic but not Latina.

I guess we will just have to see until next year’s VMAs to see if there is fair voting, if people stop picking on women’s attire and if there is actual Latino/a representation. Overall the Internet makes me happy because they pay attention to detail and make you realize things you wouldn’t originally think of.

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  1. Good work on this! Nice examples and imagery to support!
    I think you can hyperlink – MTV Video Music Awards – as you mentioned it several times 🙂
    Good stuff!

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