Assignment #1 what makes me happy on the internet?

Hello! So a while ago, I found this youtube channel called Densle, where they make animal crossing shorts.

Recently they released the last episode of the series after five months. The animation style is really cool and I like how the story took an unexpected turn but had a happy ending.

In other happy internet news, I learned that there is a community collab pack to the video game celeste and it’s set to come out on February 18th.

I’m excited to see the new maps as well as the new soundtrack.

1 thought on “Assignment #1 what makes me happy on the internet?”

  1. Great!
    Nice use of embedded media and a hyperlink!
    Now, lets add some more content, be descriptive, tell us why you like these things, how they make you happy? This takes a lil’ practice, but we can always add to our posts, have fun!

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