Assignment 1- What Makes Me Happy On the Internet?

This week what has made me happy on the internet is Finding out that one of my longest favorite Youtubers is entering a new era of his life he is becoming a father. Pewdiepie is someone I have watched as long as I can remember and just seeing him grow from a teenager to a grown man has been really inspiring he has impacted my life very much. Congratulations Pewdiepie (Aka Felix Kjellberg). Can’t wait to see this next chapter of his life.

In other news, something else that has made me happy is Big Time Rush made a comeback back when I was a kid I would love listening to their music and watching their tv show on Nickelodeon. I have very good memories with those guys so seeing them come back together and going on tour again has made me really happy.

Finally, after so many years DC is finally getting what they deserve they are finally in the right hands. I remember being in middle school being the biggest DC fan and always defending them even though I knew marvel was doing better I have always loved Marvel but DC has a special place in my heart. Seeing how James Gunn has a plan for the future of DC studios is very exciting and I will be there to see what Mr. Gunn has in store for DC studios.

Staying in the comic realm Marvel is coming out with their first Phase 5 film with Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania. I’m excited about it Phase 4 wasn’t terrible had good films but also okay films still excited to see the future of Marvel and what they have planned with their future movies so I will be checking this film out.


7 thoughts on “Assignment 1- What Makes Me Happy On the Internet?”

  1. Great work on this!
    Nice examples, descriptions and embedded videos!
    Now, lets add some hyperlinks for context – certainly we can hyperlink to as well as the websites of the people or shows that you mention here, hyperlinks redirect the reader to learn and understand more about your shared content.
    Plus, its super easy to edit existing posts :)))

  2. Thank You Professor I will most definitely take this into account for my next post I will also go back and edit my first post.

  3. Hi Junior

    I enjoyed the Looney Toons gif you used at the end of your post. So very creative to use it at the end; I found it playful and fun.

    Your choice of where to place it was perfect and entertaining. Great job! I look forward to seeing more of your post as we progress in CT 101.

  4. Hey Junior! I like the Looney Tunes gif you added but the main thing was that you have Big Time Rush mentioned here and I remember watching the show as a younger kid and it really brings back a lot of fun memories from that.

  5. I really liked the Looney Tunes GIF at the end. The best part was the fact that you mentioned Big Time Rush making a comeback as it is so nostalgic considering the fact that I reminisce about watching their TV show on Nick as a child.

    1. Hey Jaden I just wanted to say thanks for enjoying my post I’ll be honest growing up I didn’t really have much friends that liked BTR so it’s cool now that people still remember them and enjoy their music and show the way I did and do.

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