Assignment #2

Hey peeps,

I’ll just start off with saying , the pandemic has made me the most anti-social person on social media, unfortunately.

However, I do find myself   scrolling on Instagram. The recently added “Reels” section can ultimately take up minute’s at a time, if anything hours glued to the screen. I personally enjoy beautiful home decor videos,  or inspirational quotes. But every now and again, a prank or animal video with voice-overs can cause me to slap a knee.

Anywho,  in the near future,  I look forward to keeping up with the latest trend of social sites just so I don’t fall out the loop.

1 thought on “Assignment #2”

  1. Looking good here so far!
    Be sure to re-read through the assignment details to make sure all of the info is covered in the assignment specifications – looking at the feed of posts published by the class community is helpful for findings contrasts and examples too 🙂

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