Assignment #10 – Customizing My Website (Blog Posting)

I thought customizing my website by posting my first blog post would be easy. 

Woman saying she's wrong.
I’ll admit it.

Let me clarify. Writing the post wasn’t an issue. Neither was publishing it.

My problem lay in getting it to show under the specific page I wanted. I spent hours trying to figure out this issue. I Googled and Youtubed but found no solution. But in the process, I became more familiar with my website. I learned more about pages, categories and menus. I saw how they connected. But I still could not get my blog post to go under the Broadcast page.  

Yaz and the Doctor saying not to give up hope.
I was pretty close.

Then I started to click on random YouTube videos. And I found the answer. 

Man giving a sigh of relief and clapping his hands.

 Cue the crescendoing music!

For your listening pleasure.

The video was published two years ago. It opened with a similar tutorial like other videos, but then it delved into the Grid element.

Screenshot of Grid
The Grid Block element.

With this, I could sort the blog posts through the category on the page I wanted.

Screenshot of categories
Then you can sort the posts by category.
Man wiping his forehead as a gesture of relief.
It was a relief.

So, now allow me to present to you a video project I worked on over the course of the Spring ‘22 semester. 

Dinosaur? pointing to tap here.
See you on the website.