Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester Assessment Post





Assignment #5

  1. I am feeling worried, anxious and disappointed at the same time. Due to my stressful workload and internship, I was not able to dedicate my full attention to each and every assignment which I feel horrible about because this class is indeed fun and have great contents to learn. I am not happy with how I’m doing in this class so far but moving forward I will try my best to do well and receive a grade I feel please about in the end.

2. So far, I feel like I’m not doing so well when it comes on to points which have me worried, I really want a A for this class, but I know my grades are not on that level, really disappointed and wish I did this class during my freshman year, but I only can think about moving forward and what I can change. I hope to finish the semester strong with the grade I really desire.

3. Few things that I have learned and retained the most are Hyperlinking, embedding and making memes. So cool to learn, and I use them so easy without thinking twice. Learning these tools will be essential for me when using my website or any other activity.

4. The new skills I have developed, cultivated and displayed regularly in my weekly post is making sure I showcase creative post, always hyperlinking important information that can be used as evidence, embedding if needed and just following the instructions.  This class has opened my mind to think outside the box.

5. I have a lot of potential when it comes on to creating blog post with different ideas that are unique. This class has shown me how creative I am which will help me display those ethics in my future career. My only regret is not being on time with some of my assignments, I feel like I would be even more creative.

6. I definitely know how to embed a content which I never know. I tend to copy and paste which don’t always work for some content. Embedding gives a preview which I absolutely love. So grateful to learn this technique.

7. I see changes in my weekly blog posts, I normally just add one or two GIPHY and my information. But now I think about ideas first before starting, that way I will see which area I’m lacking and improve as I go along. I see my growth and I know things will get even better.

8. Yes, I am missing:



Assignment #5

I only comment on four classmates blog post so far which I need to work on, and I know I will be able to by the end of the semester. I take the professor and classmates comments into consideration and will do the necessary corrections. I do participate whenever the professor asks a question or want us to raise a hand or thumps up. I am accountable for all the work I did and did not do.  Moving forward, I will try my best to get everything done before the semester end. Dedicating a day to at least get two or three blog post done. This will be effective for me, and I anticipate enjoying those moments.

I feel disappointed, and worried at the same time knowing that I am not up to pace with these blog post as I wanted. Plus, I have plenty workload from other courses and internship. This semester is one of my most stressful since attending York, maybe because am graduating. Just hoping for the best, but I know I will pull through all these obstacles.

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