Assignment 10– Finalizing the Website

Designing a website is surprisingly fun! A friend and I had a blast going through all of the themes and stuff available on WordPress, and it was an experience and a half to get something set up!

To start with, I wanted to have something… fancy, yet cozy. The vibe of a study in a Victorian Era mansion, you know what I mean? But that proved to be very difficult. I browsed through pinterest and found a few pictures and stuff to serve as backgrounds, but anything I uploaded was just extremely blurry because the images were stretched out across the whole screen, and that wasn’t very appealing to me.

So, I decided to get more minimalist, something dark and stylish instead. I had some success there, I think. I’m a sucker for stuff that’s super simplistic and utilitarian, and I think it looks great!

AND I got to use one of my pictures of extremely pretentious religious symbolism I collected from Pinterest as my little logo! Best of both worlds for me.

I’m currently in the process of transcribing my writing from a notebook into digital text so I can upload them onto the website, and have it serve as an informal portfolio and a place I can come back to when I want to reread what I’ve done before and cringe at myself.

The link to my site can be found here! More coming soon!