assignment 7 update



Rn Ct 101 is good so far. I did have a couple of ups and downs but we are cooking!!!


I think if I had to name one thing that I retained the most from this class was how to make hyperlinks. I feel that this was the most beneficial thing to learn for our blog posts From this class I have learned how to hyperlink, insert gifs and media , learned how to photoshop on photopea and create a website.

Right now I believe that I am retaining a b- for the simple fact that I waited so long to get to this blog post lol. Also my attendance has not been there really since the first couple of classes because the professor said that attendance isn’t mandatory (did not have to tell me twice )And I think that I deserve that grade because my quality of work has been showing improvement since our first blog post so I believe that I have gotten better and learned a lot

As of this moment I am only missing 1 more blog post and which is the final blog post and I am all up to date on this class . As for comments I have also been commenting to my fellow classmates and taking in all of their kind words and experiences to make my own better



that is all for now!

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