Assignment #10 week 11.

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 ASSIGNMENT #10 Week 11.

Hello everyone today I just published TWO new blogs one about my first publish blog and another one about me in WordPress, and some modifications to my website with some of the plugins(Classical).

My first post invites you to enter.

Hello everyone here is my new website, made with the classical plugin that is use in CT 101, however is use on WordPress on my domain about RealEstateAtGreatRates, here is my link to my webpage 

Hello everyone please click on my about page to see more information and contact me for any topic, and do not hesitate to ask me or give me any feedback on my page thank you.

My second post(about me) also invites you as well.

Hello everyone I’m Angel Batista and I’m the owner of the domain of, I’m a student at York College this is my first year in 2021-2022 on CT101, I created this domain to talk about real state and discuss their prices and geographical location in the country.

You can contact me through my email at


These two posts were my first experience writing on WordPress for my first time(beside the website), I finally have some experience and I hope I can get to make more post about different topics.

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  1. Awesome layout. I like the color and how you will focus on real estate. I always liked real estate but it’s super expensive. Cant wait to see what type of houses you will focus on to discuss. 😀

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