For me WORDPRESS is a litle confusing at first but I am slowly starting to get it. I just need to have a whole lot of focus and patience. I settled on a different theme at first but changed it to twenty- twenty one because it was more simpler and had many tutorials on youtube. I chose grey as the background color because it is calming and simple.

This is how my website used to looks like but it has changed as of now…

I feel like my site was half complete it needed something more so it could stand out. I feel like at this moment with no direction right now but I know what the base will be. To begin I turned my site JUANCAR1OS.NET into dark mode because I prefer dark colors than something really bright.

I added only 3 tabs. The first one is the home button you press it it will refresh everyhting so you can see recaps or finding any information they need. The second is the new post button for any post I upload they will be redirected to a new tab only with my new posts. The 3rd and last is the about/ contact I merged them because they will learn who and what we are and how to contact us for any info.

I also updated the website logo because I wanted to change it up. It looks like this now…⬇️

My website without dark mode looks like this…

I like how the black and grey work off of each other although the logo has white I think it still fits the overall theme thats all the editing for now until I get more inspiration for my site. I do now I will focus on current events for my site and discuss things in my life.






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