Assignment 10: Works and Days

As I continue to work on my website, I have made a lot of progress, and changed somethings that I was unable to figure out when I first started.

If you look at the left side of the picture, I have finally figured how to get rid of the red block that I had mentioned on last weeks post.

I kept using the customize button and ignored the edit button up until now. And let me tell, it has solved so many issues for me.

I added a quote that from the movie “Sabrina” that really resonates with me. I felt this quote was good way to express my website.

I also hyperlinked my first blog post. Please check it out on my website : <3


I dont know why WordPress is set up this way. But when I click my post it takes me to this edit screen:

I do not how to find the text view from this set up. 🙁