Assignment #9 – Starting My Website

Beginning My Website


So as I thought, the hardest part of this process will be learning how to use the WordPress website. Right off the bat I can already tell that this is an incredibly powerful tool to use. The varying templates allow for an insane amount of customization that the really allows you to create whatever comes from the imagination. Thanks to the power of YouTube, I was able to find plenty of tutorials that really show what the site is capable of. I definitely have taken a lot of inspiration from two video tutorials out of the bunch that I saw:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2 was especially helpful and is where I’ve taken most of my inspiration from as the man in the video clearly explains in great detail what each tool does, as well as how columns and sections work. I was actually even able to utilize themes that weren’t initially presented in the library. The theme I downloaded is called Astra, and the plug-in I downloaded alone with it is one called Elementor. Personally, I find both these tool incredibly helpful/intuitive. Along with all the tutorials I watched, I also looked up how to create my own custom logo. What I found was a website called which was incredibly easy and straight forward to use. Using all this new information together I was able to create the basis of my homepage!

Thoughts So Far…

At the moment, I’m currently working on the other linked pages (about, contacts, blog, etc.). I really like how well it’s coming out so far. At the time of typing this, my plan is to keep my homepage as the “welcome” page, while the about page will be my reasoning for creating this website and the blog page the actual content of the website where all my code will go. The blog page is what’s going to consist of all the corrections, examples, errors, etc. After learning everything that I have I’m feeling a lot more confident in what it is I’m creating and look forward to what the finished product will look like. Down below will be the website url as well as my “about” page that I am currently working on.

Website Link:

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  1. Hi Felix, like you, I thought, the hardest part of this process will be learning how to use the WordPress website. Professor zoom recording really helps to do all the process. I did step by step while watching the video.

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