Assignment #10:

This is my first post. I decided to post an update of what I have done in the commons website. I added a link to my Assignment #9 which was about customizing my wordpress. It was an update on how my work was going. The link to my first post is -> here.

This is my second post on my website. You can visit the actual page of my post #2 in this link. I included a picture of two types of drinks I have tried from Starbucks. I added a little explanation of when I have the drinks or why (you will understand when actually going into the link and reading the post). I also added a sentence or two of a comparison of the two. Well, to be clear, the comparison is in my opinion.

When it comes to the first part of this assignment, I can say that progress is coming along. As I stated in the beginning of this post, I have added two new posts to the website. I re-published a work from my personal website and I added a whole new post about something I love. I will, hopefully in the future, add a post using a plug-in. I hope to continue adding more posts!

1 thought on “Assignment #10:”

  1. Great!
    Very engaging and a nice lure over to your personal site!
    Everything is looking good over there!
    And, plug-ins! There is just so so so much to choice!
    Anything standing out so far?

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