Assignment #11 – Panoramic Storytelling

Panorama and Storytelling

Utilizing The Panoramic Camera

So in class we went over how to use the panoramic camera setting to be able to tell a story of sorts. We went out into the hallway and broke up into two groups. My group (along with the professor for two of them) created three scenes. One with everyone dancing, another with everyone fighting, and lastly one where we were all attempting to create some really odd/morphed shots while everyone was moving. My favorite scene had to have been the one where everyone was in a fighting position. My role was to be in the middle of an argument with another student while the professor was trying to break it up. By the end of the shot now it’s the professor fighting me instead of the student.

Now It’s My Turn

Since it’s finals week I decided that it would be incredibly fitting to portray all my personal stages of coping with finals. There’s stage 1, the stress phase, where I dread the oncoming stress that’s about to come while trying to study the massive wave of information. Stage 2, the study phase, where I finally get my [R E D A C T E D] together and start planning out what it is I need to study. Finally there’s stage 3, where I feel confident enough (or as confident as I wish I could feel) to take the exams and get on with it.

Now, onto the next stage…


One of the biggest issues I’ve come to realize I have is that I find comfort in eating junk food when I’m stressed. Did you know! That your gut microbiome produces up to 90% of the serotonin in your body! (Sources: my bio-major girlfriend). So no wonder it’s called comfort eating. I thought it would also be  fitting to showcase my frequent trips to the vending machine throughout my studying process.