Assignment #11: Social Media N’ WordPress

I decided to visit Ericka Herrera’s website. The link for her website is right here. From reading her websites’ name, I found it funny and creative how she incorporate “ugh” into it, while still making it sound like her first name. Upon entering her website, I already liked what she posted, which I included a screenshot of right above this paragraph. By far, it was my favorite post. I enjoyed seeing pictures of her pets, finding out their names and learning a little bit about each. Pets are literally like humans, they have different personalities and express their emotions very well. I also have 3 pets: 2 cats and 1 dog.

I also like reading her plant post. Quarantine hit hard for almost everyone. Not being able to go out without having the fear of getting sick, having family and friends getting sick was very hard [it still is]. I liked reading how she made use of her time and decided to grow plants. Her plants look very healthy and I hope she keeps us the good work!

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