Assignment # 12


A website that caught my attention was Fatema’s website . I really like the way she customizes her website. and her post about “Most favorite destination”. I also like how well the colors complement one another. 


Another website I like the most was Elizabeth’s website . I enjoy how she personalizes her website and I like the ‘Icon- cook with Eliz’ on her website. In addition, Her post about healthy food is really informative.

2 thoughts on “Assignment # 12”

  1. Hey Sudipta,
    I am so glad you liked my website. I was doing Assingment#9 and suddenly noticed my pictures on your post. However, I also checked your website and if I am not wrong you’re from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I lived in Chittagong for almost 1 and a half years. Nice to meet you and all the best..!!

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