Assignment 12

A fellow classmate’s website that caught my eye was Manpreet Singh’s website As a person that likes to play video games during my free time I resonate with this website and the coverage of video games that I have played before. I like the theme of the background black and hot pink. I only have one critique and that would be it is difficult to read the text because the colors do not go together like so


But his review’s were a fun read and I like how he had more info for each video game if you want to read further. My favorite review was the one of Nba 2k22 because that is a game I play. Great stuff!


Another website I liked was Fatema’s website I like to travel as well so seeing the pictures posted and reading your travel blogs was a fun read. After reading her blog posts I think somewhere I would like to travel to is the grand canyon. The website is really well formatted great job!

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