[Final] The End Of The Line

Here we are readers and lurkers, you read the title, you all know what we gotta do. It’s the last one. The final post. Time to lay it all out there.

CT 101 is a very enjoyable class when I have the time to work on assignments. I got to (re)learn how to hyperlink, make cohesive blog posts, and I got to incorporate different tools like make a meme and giphy into my posts. Honestly, Giphy and Tenor is built into most sites so I never actually went to the ACTUAL sites where I get my gifs from.. so that was cool.

Getting to design a small page on mmm was interesting to do despite my overwhelming insecurity and struggle to even put anything on the page. Maybe one day I can apply what I learned into a part of my business or whatever venture I work on in the future.

However there is setbacks, like me being unable to start my own website. Which I know is bad but I had no idea what I wanted to do, (perhaps eventually I’ll start one if the code doesn’t expire. If not I’d still want to do it and maybe edit a update or send a email.). This will definitely hurt my grade and I acknowledge that I probably will get (hopefully) a C-/D for this course. Its unfortunate but I deserve it for my negligence.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and reading everyone’s posts, and I thank the professor for sharing his knowledge and insight when it comes to digital storytelling. (Some of the stuff he does online also looks nice from what I glanced at). Despite my terrible procrastinating I do enjoy the work I am doing. And I think that the important thing.


One last fun fact cause I can: Art was an Olympic sport once upon a time. If it still was in 2022 I bet there would be nothing but Will Smith-Chris Rock slap memes.

1 thought on “[Final] The End Of The Line”

  1. Thank you so much!
    I appreciate the honesty and accountability!
    It was a good semester and there is good work here that you have produced!
    I think your grade is a lil’ higher than what you mentioned above 🙂
    Have a great summer!

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