Assignment #12: Visiting Websites

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The website I chose to explore was Liz’s website, her website shared a bunch of recipes and provided images of the food.

The layout of her website was very excellent, on the home page when you scroll down you see the foods and click on them to learn more about them.

Liz even provided directions and the exact amount of ingredients you would need to make this food. The only thing I would say to improve is to add images or gifs because it’s a lot of text and people might not want to read all of it. But I love the website, I can’t wait to see more recipes.

3 thoughts on “Assignment #12: Visiting Websites”

  1. This is amazing, we will probably be extremely hungry every time we visit website. It’s amazing to see how organized Liz’s website is and viewing the health benefits is tremendous.
    Great work on both of your websites!!!

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