Assignment #3 – Are MEME’s ART?


Memes can be seen as art because in the past you can see that art has been used to do the same thing memes do now: bright colorful images that represent an idea. The definition of art can fall into the definition of what is a meme. When it comes on to “Pop Art,” memes can fall under the category (of using popular media styles to create art). Memes are good for art because they are straightforward and always have an effective punchline. As we notice in our society today, people like to follow the trend and if they realize using a hilarious clip can get millions of views, people will do anything to think outside the box and make something that people will enjoy, share, and having a long-term impact. Memes are good for communication they serve as a fast way to tell a storyline and give few seconds of hilarity when scrolling on any social media platform. Memes have become a part of our online lives, helping us express, inform and cope with every day.

The fact that you can use, say, a scene from an obscure film and put on a different and unrelated topic onto it and still make it enjoyable for many makes memes a language of their own. More than inciting laughter, it also becomes an interesting way for us all to express our sentiments. I like using a meme GIF as a reaction to something irritating your friend has said in your group chat. But others take this a step further and create their memes to get their point across. Memes can be more than just simply a “form of self-expression,” it’s clear to see that memes serve as more than just a source of entertainment. They can influence and they can express; they can unite, and they can tear apart, and they can even propel the unknown subject of a picture into worldwide fame. Also, it can become a shared cultural experience for internet users around the world.

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