Assignment #12

Assignment #12

Hello everyone, here am I with another wonderful blog post for this week, about the ourselves feedback on our different websites in WordPress.

The first person that I looked into was Niko Balkaran’s website, which is a pretty good looking website in my opinion, it looks clean and solid and easy to understand and locate different tools and and some of features of the website.

My second website was where everything and anything makes sense… Made by Satiya Ishak, and my opinion about it that is super aesthetic looking website with a lot of interesting images that have and old vibe to them, however I could the section to leave a comment and or any feedback.

The third website that I visited was GIFS and Memes by Stella, I visited the website which contains a lot of memes and gifs, and their history/background which is pretty cool, since almost none knows their history and how they came to be, plus we get to see iconic memes from the past and news memes that have come out this year so far.

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  1. So I personally know Niko and I had no idea he had a website! Thank you for the information and news. I really like the diversity in your choices because that just opens up a broader lens on different things people may like.

  2. So far I feel that we all have improved so much from the beginning to the end. We knew nothing about websites and now we are making them and becoming better in the tech world.

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