Assignment #2

The potential of Memes and GIFs storytelling in real life.

My experience on the first day of the CT101:

When I enrolled in this course, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this course. I saw some good reviews about  Professor Ryan, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad experience. But after meeting our professor and learning about the course format, I was so happy. I think it’s one of my best decisions that I took this course where I can improve myself not only academically, but also by expressing my thought through blogs to others.

My thoughts on the course and its creative content:

Yes, I was really happy to hear about the course and its creative content. The course materials are pretty straight forward and I know what contents we are going to learn throughout the semester. I felt very glad to know that through this course I will get a chance to study something that I am really interested in.

CT101 compare to some of my other classes:

To be honest, this course is very unique compared to the other classes that I have taken so far. There is no pressure of deadlines, the professor is so friendly and kind. Most of the time students cheat instead of learning study materials because of the due dates. Also, here, we can genuinely express our feelings through the blog posts as well as get to know what other students are thinking.

The potentials of this class:

The potentials of this class are to gain knowledge on creating blog posts where we share our thoughts with others in a very interesting way through photos, videos, Memes and GIFs using digital tools. If we don’t use these digital tools in our posts, then it will be boring, and people can’t connect to us.

Learning new skills that use Internet tools:

I feel great about learning new skills that use Internet tools because this is the present and the future of our generation. This is also a form of entertainment nowadays. In social media, we can very easily feel connected to something when it is in a form of memes or GIFs even sometimes it just made our day.


8 thoughts on “Assignment #2”

  1. Hello Fatema, I like how you organized your blog as you are explaining your experience with Memes. Have you ever worked with Memes or have you had any interaction with them on Social Media?

  2. Great work so far!
    I love the selection of GIFs and storytelling, but we need hyperlinks! Hyperlink back to some of the content’s sources or give us more context by referencing some of the articles in the assignment details criteria, a video or two also goes a long way for context,
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks, professor for your valuable feedback, however, I did use hyperlinks on my first and the last GIF. Do you still want me to add more hyperlinks on the text part? From now on, I will also add videos on my posts.

      1. yes please! Let’s always try to level up from the previous week. If lest week’s post had 2 hyperlinks used for context, then lets up that to 3 in the following week, as well add a video – thank you so much for the hard work! Forward we go! 🙂

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