Assignment 3 Memes

Are memes art? 

First, what is art? Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” That is the official definition, but to me art can be anything you have created with your imagination and skills, based on your feelings, ideas, and can influence others. Memes are art, they are made through your imagination and can express your emotions. Memes have emotional power, they can make people laugh, reminisce, sad, and send messages.


The beauty behind memes is that anyone can make them. But just because anyone can make them does not take away from it being art. People have so much creative freedom when it comes to memes and those memes influence and get reactions from people all over the internet. Memes are a good thing for art, they show progression and memes do not harm anyone, they make us show all kinds of emotions through images. Memes are how many people communicate on the internet these days. All it takes is someone doing something funny, an old or new video clip from a media source, or anything in general can be turned into a meme.

Michael Jordan becoming a meme on multiple occasions each being used to express something different.

I use memes a lot to express myself and many of us do the same whenever we find top tier quality memes, we share it with each other whether it is in person, to one another through text or social media. Memes bring us together to share laughs, joys, sadness, anger, and all these different emotions while connecting with one another. Memes are forms of self-expression, communication, and entertainment.  

Memes for sure can be used for storytelling, visual images have been used alongside storytelling for a long time. I see no difference in using memes to tell a story. You just must create or find the right memes that can express your story how you want it to be. Most memes are meant to be funny, but they can be used to grab the attention of people as well. It is a great form of visual storytelling; one meme can tell a whole story. 

Two memes I made for CT101


12 thoughts on “Assignment 3 Memes”

  1. Hi Andres, very interesting post you have created, I feel like you really enjoyed working with Memes and can see how creative you are. Memes have become a normal lifestyle enjoyment as we use the social media platforms we can’t escape them eventually we come across ones that we really can relate to.
    Great work!

  2. Hey Andres! I really enjoyed reading your post especially since we have the same perspective on memes being art as well as it being good for art. I liked how you incorporated multiple memes to show different emotions with just one person. I think it goes to show that the possibilities are endless. Especially since we can edit it and there are million different captions to be used. I use memes to express myself on a daily basis and your selection really made me laugh and the ones you made for class.

    1. Hey Safiya, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. Yes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to memes and that’s cool you also use memes to express yourself.

  3. Great work on this so far!
    I love this quote – “to me art can be anything you have created with your imagination and skills, based on your feelings, ideas, and can influence others.”
    Be sure to reference some of the essays and articles in the assignment details section – that context helps the reader expand his awareness and resources about the subject / content.
    Thank you!

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