Assignment #2

First day of CT101 was completely different than any other courses I’ve taken. This class seems like a social media assessment which is very intriguing in my opinion. Hearing about this course’s creative content was very exciting to hear, creating gifs and memes for classwork assignments is something I’d never thought I would have done.

Comparing CT to my other classes is completely off limits, CT is a very easy stress free course that does not have me up at 3 am. The potentials for this class is creating as much gifs as possible and seeing them used on the internet. Its a great feeling learning how to make gifs considering I have never done it before so having that idea is a blessing.

Nickelodeon Reaction GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

1 thought on “Assignment #2”

  1. Ok, so far so good!
    Thank you!
    As you know, we need to add more content to our posts.
    There should always be at least 2-3 images or GIFS, a meme and a video with supporting hyperlinks.
    The idea is for these posts to grow each week and also expand the way we organize the content.
    All of my class video recordings share many examples of how this can be done.
    Please let me know if I can help and make things more clear or accessible.
    You got this!
    Thank you!

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