Assignment #3


Memes are indeed art.

It’s used to express emotions, thoughts and spice up conversations. Some people ONLY express theirselves using memes and that is ok. It brings out a different kind of humor. It’s a good form of communication that brings out joy and laughter majority of the times. Someone who would tell a very long story in a thread would often use memes or gifs to make the texts more interesting.

  Will Smith Crying GIF by The Academy Awards 

1 thought on “Assignment #3”

  1. Ok, yes indeed, memes are ART!
    Check my last comment on assignment #2 – this post follows the same suggestions.

    I also suggest, work on one post at a time. Most of the assignments have multiple questions to address so its helpful to focus on one task at a time. This kind of practice will help in the week to week overall practice of blogging.
    I know it can frustrating, so please take your time and reach out if you need help with anything.

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