Assignment #2: CT 101? More like EZ 101

My first initial thought for CT101 was “YES! Another possible art medium AND it’s online B)”

But then I got a notification that we would meet in person on the 30th of August.

Animated GIF

I thought the first day was very interesting. Everyone in the class is so diverse and so open to one another and everyone was willing to participate (except me :D).

Though, I rarely talk in class, other than to greet Ryan in the morning,

It’s interesting to hear what everyone has to say.

Not to mention all the nodding I do.

I Dont Understand Caveh Zahedi GIF by Eternal Family

Hearing about the course and its creative content has gotten me super engaged since day one. It’s very different than ANY classes I’ve taken. It’s where I still kind of have to use basic grammar and English but in everyone’s blog, it’s different, it has its own personality, its own flavor

Salt Bae GIF by Harlem Globetrotters

Even the instructions for the assignments makes me want to read the assignment over and over again.

& no it’s not because nothing is processing my brain

Loading Downloading GIF by Mashable

I really thought that CT101 required less thinking than my other classes. But so far, it’s the class that really takes up most of my critical thinking :D. Just like in any other art media, I find different subjects and tend to not know where to start. Here, it’s a bit more challenging because not only do I have to have a great title and hook, I HAVE TO HAVE A GREAT MEME TOO!

It really challenges me to find something interesting to talk about in order to engage the audience, but I hope I’ve been doing well.

Come On Yes GIF

r i g h t ?

There is so much creative potential in the class. As I mentioned earlier, finding a topic or something to engage the readers in your blog could be one. Another is having, or making, funny gifs. (Which in my opinion, Giphy really does god works because this gif doesn’t even make sense but it was so easy to make through Giphy) 

Animated GIF

and it has a variety for the text and the colors


Animated GIF

Honestly, I feel g o d l y.

super saiyan GIF

Of course, you can learn these Internet Tools using Google, but at the same time who would ever think to do something like this. I’m more of a paper-and-pencil type of person but since I’ve learned new skills using technology, it gives me another way to express myself in a way I would’ve never chosen before taking this class.

ty <3

2 thoughts on “Assignment #2: CT 101? More like EZ 101”

  1. Wonderful!
    Great work on this!
    Great selection of GIFs to help tell your story, as well as how you are experiencing our class.
    Much more to come, all super creative and diverse in new tools.
    Thank for the thoughtful formatting and use of hyperlinking and over writing flow!

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