Assignment 2 Gifs

What did you think on the first day of the CT101? 

On the first day of CT101 I felt a bit nervous. I did not know what to expect. It is something completely out of my field, but I thought it would be an interesting course to take as an elective for my final semester. Come to find out I have a chill deaf professor, the first professor I have had that is deaf and even taught us some greetings in sign language. It is nice having a professor that makes students comfortable to express themselves and my nerves were gone by the end of class, I was left thinking this is going to be a cool class. 


Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel? 

What is missing from a lot of courses is the ability for a student to express themselves and on this course, there is a lot of creativity and I love it. It is a space where I can just express myself and not have to be stressed like in many of my other classes. 

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes? 

This class is a breather from many of my other courses. My other classes I must stress over assignments, exams, and due dates. This class I get to express myself through gifs and memes. I get to tell stories and learn how to use digital tools to express myself freely. There is no comparison to other classes, this class is top 1. 

What are the potentials of this class? 

The potential of this class is limitless. Storytelling has no limits and being able to learn how to tell them through different digital tools. It is always exciting and fun to learn new skills. 

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools? 

I am always excited to learn new skills. Especially with how much we use the internet these days why not learn how to use some internet tools to express yourself. Learning how to use hyperlinks and how to make gifs was cool and interesting to learn and I cannot wait to learn more.  


5 thoughts on “Assignment 2 Gifs”

  1. I agreed with you when you stated that many courses don’t give much room for students to express themselves. This class will make us use our minds and creativity to express ourselves throughout this semester.

  2. Hi Andres,
    I like the memes and GIFs you used, they are very interesting. I totally agree with you that our professor is really cool and we don’t have to stress to complete the assignment like other classes. This is one of my favorite classes of this semester.

  3. Good work on this!
    Great selection of GIFs and descriptions!
    Self expression and communication are our birthrights, there are so many ways to expand upon communication and integrating creativity!
    More to come in CT101!

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