GIF is amazing


What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

The first day was incredibly fun especially getting to know the professor and seeing all the cool and creative content that we will be doing every week. I also like the fact that there are instructions and video on knowing how to operate the website. It’s even cooler knowing we will be working with GIPHY and IMGUR.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

I heard great comments about this course before enrolling and I felt at peace because I’m always worrying about having bad courses. Therefore, I loved all the creative content that is being offered, it boosts my creativity to produce eye catching content. I am so excited to learn new materials as the weeks goes by.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

Comparing to my other classes that are so stressful, this class makes me relax, and motivated. I don’t feel any pressure when completing any assignment unlike the other classes. When I have this class, my mind is free, I laugh more especially when on GIPHY. It’s just a breath of fresh air.

What are the potentials of this class?

This class can open a lot of opportunities for me being the fact that technology upgrades every day, more jobs are looking for people that are proficient in areas like digital storytelling to promote their business and if I have these skills, it would be beneficial. So far, I am learning things I did not know how to do so I can only imagine by the end of the semester what I will be able to do.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

It feels great learning new skills! I enjoy learning new materials each day, and when it comes to the internet its more exciting. Often, I see creative content from businesses, commercial and youtubers and I always wonder how but most are materials we are learning in this class. This course will definitely make me think deeper when creating a content and I am better able to assist anyone that needs creative idea when promoting online businesses.



3 thoughts on “GIF is amazing”

  1. I really like your use of GIFs, it definitely told a story and related to what you were discussing. I also heard great reviews about this class, it’s almost always the first to be filled up. I like that in a way we’re producing art but just digitally.

  2. Hey Tatyana,
    The memes and the GIFs you used are interesting. It’s a good thing that you already heard about this class before enrolling, but I just randomly enrolled in this course and didn’t know what to expect. However, by the end of our first class, I was so happy that its a very interesting and stress-free class, and the professor is the coolest, his method of teaching is great.

  3. Great work on this!
    There are so many great tools out there on the web that will help expand our learning here in CT101 – Giphy & Imgur are 2 of so many that we will explore, and also hack into a bit!
    Blogging is a great way of also measuring how we learn and apply new skills over time, so yes, by the end of the semester you will see how much you have grown and learned here!

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