Assignment #2 GIFS

Before I understood what was going on in this class- I automatically put all my five classes in the same category. HARD. Already dealing with classes online made my brain hurt so I just prepared for the worst to come. But the professor was able to make the class welcoming and gave more of a description of what we would really be doing this semester- instantly I was relieved.

This is exactly how I was holding my coffee once the professor began explaining and saying the words, “This will be a fun course.”

Logging into my other classes make me dreadful and sometimes make me wish I never had to participate. Its the slightly the same thing with all of them- lecturing for 2 hours and giving out assignments under “Course Materials”

Hearing the same thing repeatedly throughout the weak can drive someone insane- this GIF represents my actions whenever I hear another professor doing the attendance

But this class motivates me to do more. Who would have known I would be in a class that is actually interesting ! Writing, reading, and even completing task is a new adventure.

Cant wait to see whats to come and how I have transformed into someone who can work my way online !

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  1. Wonderful! Great curation of GIFS working perfectly with your expression, learning is FUN, and creativity plays a role role in that process, we are here in CT101 to Create and Express! More to come!

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