CT101 Final Blog Post

Ct101 has been the best/ most interesting class I have participated in since I first became a student in York College. I always thought that online learning was unpleasant but doing the activities you assigned made it easier to adjust, giving me more motivation to complete this course. In this course I learned how to create GIFS however way I want them to be, also having the benefit of using them whenever I would like to.

In one of the classes/ assignments I learned how to create a picture where there was more than one version of myself in a picture. By doing that I introduced this affect to others and now we can use this affect on social media and etc. That was probably the most proud of myself Ive ever been, just transferring what I learned from homework to entertainment for my friends.

Creating the website was what I enjoyed the most during this class. Adding and customizing the site with everything I liked made it even better. Being able to have the opportunity in creating something that I can continue in the future caused this course to be really useful.

I was kind of nervous at first when the professor gave us the responsibility to create the websites because I thought it would be ridiculous and have less characteristics than I thought it would. I honestly stared at the task for so long that it took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do.

I ended up wanting to use this opportunity to make a website for my fashion sense, politics, and awareness of street art. I always wanted to create some sort of instagram page just for that but creating a website is even more interesting and advanced. The only frustration was trying to show who I am as a person through the the website, making sure the colors blended with the pictures I had up. I couldn’t get it together but towards the end I was able to understand that the theme color had to just remain white. Now my website.

My website  http://macdeesauze.com  is for you if you enjoy the latest fashion trends or if you love art and how its being used in the world today. In the beginning your introduced to a sneaker (my favorite sneakers) as the main picture of the site. While scrolling through the site your exposed to several pictures that describe me: artistic, fun, and a stylist. My post are mixed with content of art pieces Ive seen when just walking around the 5 boroughs and clothes I’ve found unique or straight up a great fashion piece. In the future I will continue using this website to help me network and show others that I am serious about what I do.

To conclude, in this course I believe I deserve the grade of an A because I was committed to this course and I gave everything I could as well. Overall I’ve learned so much and I have been entertained through it all. I was open and excited to learn knew things, as if I was kid waiting to get in the toy store.



Vaporwave ?

Vaporwave ?!?!?!

Of course seems like another way of using art as a form of communication or an expression- viewing these masterpieces automatically turned on my awareness switch.

Looking at the post and being it hit with so much colors at the same time sort of made my eyes hurt. It makes me wonder sometimes how people are able to focus up on just one art piece at a time. On a serious note, I was also able to feel a rush because of the flashing images that scream “LOOK AT ME !”

I do understand that vaporwave is effect to make an image even more different than it already is. This sort of artwork is suppose to resemble the wave of electronic music. Its amazing how I have never heard or seen this form of images before. But to say, I wouldn’t say that I hate the ways of the vaporwave but instead this would be something that is not my style. I am open to new things but I would rather stay away because if activates some kind of anxiety.

At the same time I would love to see what people come up with when they bring out their own ideas into this vaporwave era.

Exploring My Classmates Websites

For this assignment, we were told to explore a classmates website and I chose to explore Claudias website. Claudia’s website is really good. It’s organized, neat and easy to navigate.  Claudia’s website is very eye catching and vibrant. I love that every time you refresh the page you get a new photo at the top. It is very entertaining. I can’t wait to try one of the recipes she put up.

If you want to see some of my stuff here is the link to My Website

Mid- Semester Assessment

Unlike other classes that makes me sign in just to focus on topics that dont make sense and are totally boring- CT 101 does the complete opposite and makes everything fun to learn. Just by being apart of this class I’ve learned so much more than any other my other classes have taught me

I was ale to understand the importance of sharing information to others but in a interesting way, like getting the message across through gifs and etc. I was also able to have the ability to make it seem as if I have found my long lost twin in just one picture thanks to the assignments we had to do.

I am over an overall shy person- when it comes to speaking to others or something as simple as giving a presentation my panic button is always pressed.

But using this system helped me express myself thats different than just commenting on other students post of discussion boards. Fortunately, for me this course has helped me find my creativity using other things than just words on a blank screen.

So far in this class I feel as if I earned a B simply because I am not consistent as I want to be, which is something I do have to work on. My procrastination is terrible, which makes me feel as if I am far away from the ball game. I also feel as if I could do more than just average work- this course gives us unlimited access to the creativity we have but I feel as if I am doing just enough and not going above and beyond.

Domain Name Assignment

I have always loved showing others what I see on a daily basis while roaming the streets of New York. Little things like seeing phrases on the sidewalk- or a name being spray painted on construction sites, I would either take a picture of or share on my social media. So my potential blog would definitely have sightings for people who are interested in roaming the city looking at things that are unique and rare like art.

I also am in love with clothes, putting outfits together that stand out and just scream wow !

Every other day i’m buying sneakers that people don’t see everyday, putting them together with shirts or even hats is a hobby I have grown into to love. The blog would have a few items of clothes that are in style and clothes that you wouldn’t see everyday.

I have come to the conclusion that my domain name would be “Mac dee Sauze” just because now and days people use “saucy” as a way of describing someones fashion sense and the type of person someone is. Also, my last name is Dessources so the “dee Sauze” was found along the lines of that name.


DS 106 Assignment

“Be your own Best Friend!” (https://www.travelgrom.com/travel-blog/iphone-camera-trick-illusion-panomagic ) This assignment already sounds amazing so why not look more into it, which was provided by Elizabeth Kondzella. She has this unique view on things- being able to tell because of her picture for the assignment alone. Viewing two of the same person in the same person makes people want to explore their abilities in doing things like this. I chose this assignment simply because it is different and very interesting. There’s not a lot of assignments that people find exciting but this had “try me” written all over it. 

This is an assignment I most definitely would need help doing because it seems like a task but if I took the time to understand what it is I am doing I would be able to do this on my own. Perfecting this assignment a couple times during this semester would be important simply because it is a great way to attract attention and to bring smiles onto others faces. This also teaches you how to bring an audience by performing or showing new things that people never knew they had in their own possession. Ex :

Assignments like these are easy to learn and useful when it comes to storytelling because not only does it emphasize the importance of the context but it makes it more amusing as previously mentioned. Imagine telling your friend a story but having a cool picture to help make it even more fun ! 

But there are other assignments that are more strictly for the serious side of writing a paper like “Assignmenthelp “ ( http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/assignmenthelp/ ). For example, making a conclusion to finish the hard work you’ve done may be one of the hardest things to do.

Having this skill is very important simply because it will help in school, especially for hard homework- or just pieces being given to editors. Doing this assignment a lot of times during this semester will help improve my storytelling skills, while making sure the content is good enough for readers making sure ending it all together is what makes it an even better masterpiece.


Assignment #2 GIFS

Before I understood what was going on in this class- I automatically put all my five classes in the same category. HARD. Already dealing with classes online made my brain hurt so I just prepared for the worst to come. But the professor was able to make the class welcoming and gave more of a description of what we would really be doing this semester- instantly I was relieved.

This is exactly how I was holding my coffee once the professor began explaining and saying the words, “This will be a fun course.”

Logging into my other classes make me dreadful and sometimes make me wish I never had to participate. Its the slightly the same thing with all of them- lecturing for 2 hours and giving out assignments under “Course Materials”

Hearing the same thing repeatedly throughout the weak can drive someone insane- this GIF represents my actions whenever I hear another professor doing the attendance

But this class motivates me to do more. Who would have known I would be in a class that is actually interesting ! Writing, reading, and even completing task is a new adventure.

Cant wait to see whats to come and how I have transformed into someone who can work my way online !

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Hello Everyone !

Today I’m happy to talk about what the internet has that brings me happiness. Online were able to share things with others and have it influence us in any way it can.

Growing up I was not able to have the clothes/ sneakers that I liked because my family couldn’t provide as much as they could. But growing up I also had the internet showing me sneakers that recently have came out or clothes that would be great to put together. I would use this to set a goal for myself and make up for the times where I couldn’t get much as a kid. Now I am a college student being able to provide for myself so looking at these great people who have found different ways to style clothes gave me the idea to change and discover unique outfits.

An example of a page on instagram that I check on daily to influence my outfits for any occasion is called “Wizard Kelly Fits”. He’s able to go to other peoples pages and introduce their fits to others without showing their faces just to take precautions.

To check it out yourself his page is : https://www.instagram.com/wizardkellyfits/?hl=en