Assignment# 2 GIFs

For me this course is so far really good. I was kind of skeptical about the course only cause the professor told us that a lot of people chose to drop the class only after the first session. I on the other hand loved hearing about what we would be learning in class and what my peers expected of the class. The professor seems like a really chill person and I am a fan of the types of assignments he has given us so far. Especially this one. I really like GIFs so its weird to me that I’ve never made a GIF before, nor ever thought about making one. Here are a couple of GIFs representing how I feel about the course and the things I enjoy about it so far.


Me in the first zoom session of the course hearing what we are going to be learning about and going over,

Me after finding out that we would be making our own GIFs and that the course could have a focus on animation,

Me after finding out this course doesn’t have a final exam,

Me after finding out that this course does not require me to purchase any books,