Assignment #2- My gif reaction to the 1st day of class

This is my first creative online class.  On the 1st day of class, I was excited but nervous.  Excited to be starting a creative class, but nervous because I didn’t know how difficult the class would be.  I was probably more nervous than anything else…just staring, confused, billy goat style.

Me nervously staring during class, just chewing…

As Professor Seslow continued on with the class, I thought, he’s a nice guy. Then he started using terms like inbed images and hyperlinks.  I tried to keep cool…tried to keep my poker face on, but emotionally I felt I looked more like this confused cat…

Me confused during class like, what did Professor Seslow just say?

After class, I tried to navigate my way around the Commons site and find the first class recording to complete assignment one.  That probably took me a couple of hours alone.  I finally found the recording and was going back and forth between creating my post and listening to the recording like, he said do what na? (in southern accent)…

Me thinking, my good grits finna get cold trying to figure this out…

I kept at it…tried to get out of my head and have more fun with it.  Finally, I calmed down and got the hang of it.  Even created a gif for my first post.  I previewed it to give it a look, then published it.  I sat on my sofa and smiled.

Me smiling after finally completing my 1st post.


1 thought on “Assignment #2- My gif reaction to the 1st day of class”

  1. I’m with you there. I was confused at first because I am not that familiar with the internet. But professor Seslow gives great detail in what he wants from us and how to create things like gifs and memes. And good post!!! you did great

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