Assignment #2 – It’s GIF for Me, but JIF is PB.

" "Well I hope everyone had their breakfast this morning, or at least ate something.  My Impression of CT101 was bewilderment. I wasn’t sure what this class was about, I just registered because I needed a class to fill the credits for my degree and I wasn’t sure what the class was going to be like.

However I was surprised to see how enjoyable the first class was. There wasn’t any tension in the air for any 10 page assignments rather polite discourse. I usually have to think about what I need to write but now its more like " "

I’m not in a hurry to write the blog but at the same time I actually feel more excitement bubbling at my fingertips to display the thoughts floating around in my head. So that leads me to be more " "

ecstatic about doing the weekly blog rather than doing any lengthy paper.


" "


Anyway for my first GIF, I decided to make one about a funny moment in an anime called One Piece. The character in the GIF is Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, a man who aspires to be the world’s strongest swordsman so we constantly see him doing unbelievable stuff such as cutting a train in half. If you look carefully you can see the surprised reactions from the Marines on the ship. You can see the full clip here.