The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

What Have I learned in my time at CT101?

I have learned quite a lot during my time in CT 101 including making memes and GIFs which are form of digital expression as well as learning that there are teachers out here who also hate the outdated system of Blackboard. I registered my own domain name and built a website called      which was about giving people show recommendations and other stuff (hopefully I will figure out what to post next).

What grade do I believe I am maintaining?

Around a B+ to and A since I haven’t been as forthcoming with the blogs as I should have been. I do take this class seriously however with my other business classes breathing down my neck with pages of work needed to be done and my poor time management skills I mostly do my blogs the day (or a couple days after :'() they are due.

What skills have I developed, cultivated and displayed regularly?

My Creativity has surely improved with these blog posts and I’ve realized I used to hold back on what I would say like” Maybe I shouldn’t say this before the professor says that this makes no sense” I should say when writing essays but for blog posts the information usually flows out of me of what what I wish to portray. I love this class gives us a freedom of expressing your creative side.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

There was  a couple things I didn’t know tbh. How to make a website from scratch and how to customize a website. I had watched a couple videos on YouTube on ho to build one but never really started the process and even thought about coding but it never actually did anything to start until now.  Also, I learned ho to do other thing like creating a GIFs and memes.


CT101 Gone but not Forgotten

I sincerely wish for this class to NOT be over. This is the most interactive class I have had to date I loved learning about different aspects of blogging such as GIFs and memes and I also adored how the assignments weren’t so complicated like other classes who just want to teach the material and give us exams that would only cause us emotional and  physical pain but this class….

I got started on my Website which is about show recommendations for people who do not know what to watch or like small summaries of the show. Like Castlevania  which is about vampires, monsters hunters, magic and a whole lot of blood. The story is quite amazing and it has a lot of great action scenes. I wouldn’t recommend it to watch with your kids though since its TV-MA.



Honestly, I have not been maintaining my website as much as I would like to. It still look basic with all the posts on the homepage. However, I will cherish he skills I have learned from CT101 for building my own website one day or I will try to update this one once in a while (take this with a grain of salt).

As for my grade i think I might deserve around a B to a B+ since I’m usually late to posting the blogs and only done a couple post on my website

Would I ever recommend this class to anyone? I have and will

Feedback on Classmates Websites

Most of these websites were well put together as well as distinguishably creative. The first one I checked out was which about restaurant food through NYC. What I liked about Vinaka’s website was the collage of the photos on the front page  as well as the type of food and drink the ordered or recommended.

" "

Then I checked out Damion’s website  which was about his experiences working in Walgreens as a Summer Job and dealing with customers who would count pennies at the cash register while everyone waiting in line was in a hurry. Quite hilarious.

Domain Name

I’ve recently got into reading manga and would like to create a website where I can share my Ideas on the ones I like. Some of the mangas I like Fire Punch, Berserk, Attack On Titan, and One Piece. I’m having troubling trying to come up with ideas for a domain name but I’m sure one will come to me eventually.

I’m also interested in financial literacy and would like to educate others who are interested in learning how to handle their money better so they can benefit in the long run. Some domain names I had were:

My other interests deal with films and filmmaking but I would need to do more research about this topic as well as how movies are produced, published, written and directed.




Assignment #5

1. Concert You Want To Be Atconcert you want to be at

For this assignment I decided I wanted to do something fun and creative. I have had a little experience with photoshop apps and put it to work. I n the photo below you will see me on stage with Michael Jackson (I’m the guy in the blue shirt holding the guitar btw).

me and mj in concert

2. Create an Interactive Program

code interactive

Ive taken a bunch of coding courses before but honestly I never stayed committed to learning it. I understand coding can be a great way to find solutions to everyday problems but I feel like I need to improve my knowledge in certain coding languages before can complete this project.

Are Memes Art?! Do you breathe air?

Well as a short answer, yes.

For the more sophisticated answer

Tough Spongebob (I'll have you know) meme

Considering memes as art depends on your perspective. However if you take your time to create something that causes the viewer to think or become emotional, its art. If people can consider Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm art that was said to be him splashing and dripping paint on a horizontal canvas art then Memes are art.

This is Autumn Rhythm by the way 🙂

" "

I don’t even speak much in CT101 but I’m pretty loud when typing out a blog. Its very stress relieving when I don’t really have critically think about what to say.

One Does Not Simply meme

Sorry for posting this blog at the last minute

Angry Obama meme

Ok Obama, I said I was sorry 🙁

Assignment #2 – It’s GIF for Me, but JIF is PB.

" "Well I hope everyone had their breakfast this morning, or at least ate something.  My Impression of CT101 was bewilderment. I wasn’t sure what this class was about, I just registered because I needed a class to fill the credits for my degree and I wasn’t sure what the class was going to be like.

However I was surprised to see how enjoyable the first class was. There wasn’t any tension in the air for any 10 page assignments rather polite discourse. I usually have to think about what I need to write but now its more like " "

I’m not in a hurry to write the blog but at the same time I actually feel more excitement bubbling at my fingertips to display the thoughts floating around in my head. So that leads me to be more " "

ecstatic about doing the weekly blog rather than doing any lengthy paper.


" "


Anyway for my first GIF, I decided to make one about a funny moment in an anime called One Piece. The character in the GIF is Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, a man who aspires to be the world’s strongest swordsman so we constantly see him doing unbelievable stuff such as cutting a train in half. If you look carefully you can see the surprised reactions from the Marines on the ship. You can see the full clip here.



My Happiness

The sources of my happiness throughout this week usually came from TV shows.

TV Shows – Pennyworth

Pennyworth is an EPIX original series from the DC Universe that follows the backstory of Alfred Pennyworth, who is known to most people as the butler to Bruce Wayne (Batman).  The story is set in London during the 1950’s where Alfred, a former British SAS soldier, is trying to set up a security company when he is under Attack from the Raven Society. However he meets Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, members of the No Name League who he can fight alongside. The TV series is ongoing and I am currently watching season 2. I love the story and the characters in this show and the action is pretty good. It shows how the relationship with Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas and Martha Wayne evolved overtime

Image result for pennyworth

Pennyworth – Official Trailer

TV Shows – WandaVision

The way WandaVision miniseries is going right now is very interesting. The story of WandaVision revolves around Marvel characters Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and synthezoid Vision after the events of Avenger’s Endgame the story shifts to new time periods every episode. For Example, the first episode was filmed in a 1960’s setting with a laugh track every time there is a comedic moment. As the episodes go along the timeline jumps forward every decade from the 1950’s to the present, I felt like there was something that Wanda was keeping secret. The trailer is down below if you’re interested.

Image result for wandavision poster

WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+