Assignment 2 – It’s Gif Not Jif.

So, CT 101. Where to begin?

Before our first meeting, I envisioned this class being about using storyboards online to craft a narrative. It was a CT course, after all! Then I saw we would be using WordPress.

Man with a stern face.
A lot.

I figured it would be similar to the online journalism course. And the syllabus did nothing to dissuade me from that opinion. Then the first day of class happened. And Prof. Seslow started going through the plan for the semester. It was like the sky opened up!

Cartoon characters grouped singing Hark the Herald
It was like a weight was lifted.
Just writing stories on the interwebs.

After that first meeting, I walked away from class happy.

My mind was blown.

After all, you’re saying to forget the rules of academia that have governed me for decades.

Man walking forwards. The word WHOA at the bottom.
Tell me more.

I started my academic career as an English major. There was a lot of creative freedom there. However, that freedom did not extend visually. It was usually just blocks of words.

Trio talking about freedom.
We’ve got the cross the ocean of academia to the land of CT 101 and visual freedom!

Now, my mind is racing with ideas to incorporate what I will be learning here in other areas of my work. I can make an email seem more personable if I use a Gif for example. And now I know that I do not need to be constrained by black and white anymore. It’s time to:

Man saying inspirational words
The possibilities are endless.


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