Assignment 2 – My expectations

Before enrolling to CT 101, like I always do with all my classes, I went to Coursicle to learn about the class and know what to expect. Then, after enrolling I went to Ratemyprofessors to find learn a little more about my Professor. One of the students called professor Ryan – the GOAT, that made me very excited to meet professor Ryan – The GOAT

Greatest of all time










One of my expectations coming into this class is that we may have to create our own contents using software like Photoshop/Illustrator. I was also expecting to creativity through blogs. I was not sure if we would design a website or digital portfolio, but at some point I decided to calm down with all the wild expectations and see for myself as things unfold.



The first class was very cool and easy, the atmosphere was simply free and friendly.

Cool Class


So far it’s been great. Just last week, the professor introduced us to some programs that can be used to create gifs, it gave me the freedom of creating gifs from any clip, instead of been limited to what people put out there. I felt fulfilled learning how to do it myself!

I did it!


With the little I have been exposed to in this class, I simply expect the best introduction to the digital experience of communication. I can’t wait for more of what to come.

Can't Wait

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  1. Wonderful post! And Thank You for the kind words! I Love teaching this class and my students! Its an honor and I am super grateful for the opportunity! There is so much good stuff to come in our class and Im really happy with the great work that has been posted so far! So much creativity, energy and confidence being displayed as we learn about each other and our interests! 🙂

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