Assignment 2: Narrating My Thoughts with Gifs

What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

On my first day of CT, I was excited but skeptical about what to expect of the course. While I have heard about the class before, I was worried that it wouldn’t be fun and would only involve the boring parts of technology. My feelings changed rather quickly.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

Upon joining our first Zoom session, I loved learning that the course would involve doing fun and creative assignments. It definitely gravitated me more to the class and made me look forward to upcoming projects.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

Compared to my other classes, CT is way more chill and exciting. Other classes don’t really require much creativity and individuality. Working to make something cool for this class makes homework time much more compelling. Otherwise, I find myself scrolling on TikTok all day.

What are the potentials of this class?

This class can not only teach us a lot about how to use technology for design, but it can help us tap into the more imaginative aspects of ourselves. I can speak for myself when I say that it’s not something I do often or is encouraged of me in school or work, which is why I don’t think I’m very creative. So, I appreciate the opportunity this class gives me.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

Learning new skills that use Internet tools is super important in our day and age, as technology seems to be consuming all of us and it’s needed more and more everyday. Especially with social media, such as Instagram and Twitter. Someday, I do see myself working in digital media whether it’s in journalism or something else. It’s good information to hold on to. So I’m excited for what’s to come in the course.

8 thoughts on “Assignment 2: Narrating My Thoughts with Gifs”

    1. I agree, your gifs are really nice. To add to the fact that CT101 is very chill, its also a lot less demanding and stressful than regular lecture classes

  1. Hey Paola, Your GIFs were creative and really fit well with the assignment. I am also excited about more creative content for the upcoming weeks. CT101 so far has been amazing and also allows us to expressive. Great Work!

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