Assignment #3 are memes art?

Assignment #3 are memes art?

some sources claim that memes are a work of art because of their cultural such as the page named newsrecord which claims and says “In this regard, memes in fact serve as a generational expression of art. Art evolves with its medium, and has continued to do so in the internet age. Where previously an artist’s materials were often limited to oil paints and graphite, the digital era has led to a more versatile medium”.

However there are counter arguments who opposed the idea of memes being a form of art for example, the page SpookenVision has stated “There is, however, a counter-argument that says memes can’t be art because they have no artistic value and were made for cheap laughs. And that’s true: memes have a short lifespan and can only be popular for so long. Memes of 2018, like Ugandan Knuckles (seen above), only lives in a short lifespan because of the environment. In the case of Uganda Knuckles, it lived only until virtual reality (VR) users were able to learn how to make better online avatars. Memes about video games die out as soon as the next big video game hits the shelves. Political memes die out as soon as the politician becomes irrelevant, like many of the Hilary Clinton memes, compared to Donald Trump memes that are still used because he’s now the President of the USA.”

This is a picture of Uganda knuckles a meme from 2018 that came out from a VR game to socialize with people, which is a 3D model made by someone in a software, and here when it comes my opinion when memes are art, since art can be everything that express any sort of emotion or message, memes like Uganda knuckles could fall into the categorization of art since, it kind of sends a message of cuteness or just a funny form of a character that we all know from our childhood from the show of sonic.

I don’t think that memes hurts art in any single way since memes are not a valuable custody, that you can buy and hope that anyone would get the message or even appreciated since memes are everywhere.

It happened to but with CT 205 in the same room.

I Think memes are great way to communicate between individuals and share feelings and emotion, usually a lot of memes are about peoples feelings and those memes become relatable to them due to their experiences in life, for example the meme that I created about finding the room is probably a meme that more than one can relate to since it happened to me in my other class of CT205 which is in the same room.

I do think that memes can be use for story telling, since a lot of memes are used from shows that already have a story by themselves, for example this panel from a show call JoJo can be use for a lot of story telling.

the template by itself comes from a manga panel, that has a lot of stories and battles therefore in theory you could use all of them as a form of memes and piece of media to express emotion, plus the template of the meme is a piece of art by itself since is a drawing.

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