Assignment #2 – Thank you, professor. 🀝


I love storytelling so when I was looking for classes to complete my schedule digital storytelling intrigued me.

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My exact expression when I read the class description

I wasn’t in the first class because I had to work. πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ However, on my first day of CT 101, I felt that this was going to be my favorite class this semester. I thought it was going to be great to be part of a creative class with my fellow peers.

When I heard about what this course is about and the creative content I was hyped. I felt this way because I love exploring new and different ways to be creative in self-expression. It’s a great distraction from the million other things we all have to do and a way to express our feelings.

What really stood out to me was when professor Seslow said that his goal is to have us learn and grow throughout the semester. This impressed me because most professors just want to feed us information and give us a grade, nothing is about learning anymore. Then as students, all we are worried about is completing assignments and getting a good grade. I felt that this increased especially during the transition to online learning during the pandemic. It is not a fun way of learning.

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Thank you, professor. 🀝
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My lil dance I made when I heard about the class creative content.

The use of Imgur and GIPHY is definitely a new experience for me to find gifs as the only time I really used gifs was imessage. After using both my favorite website to find gifs has to go to GIPHY. The interface is better and it’s just easier for me to use. When you searched for a specific gif it made it easy for you to find where Imgur would give you gifs that didn’t even apply to your search. The main feature that I like the best compared to Imgur is the stickers feature. You could download gif stickers to your phone to send as text messages, I already downloaded a few.

This class compares well to the other classes as I am taking film studies where we analyze movies and education in technology where we are learning on how to effectively use teach with technology.

However, this class is definitely going to be unlike any class I have taken. I see the potential of this class is going to be growth in storytelling and creativity. Maybe some viral memes come out of this class and one of us gets famous. 😏 Just don’t forget about us when it happens.

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No paparazzi, please

4 thoughts on “Assignment #2 – Thank you, professor. 🀝”

  1. Looking good!
    Fluid storytelling and a self expression!
    You did forget to include a series of hyperlinks and context to the links, lets add a few and think about which one’s would apply? Remember, the assignment has some specific questions that should be answered, take a second looks at those specifications and add to the post. Thank You!

  2. Great post Brandon, I also really like that professor Ryan seems very interested in what he teaches and the engagement he tries to go for with us students during the class. I can see this class easily being one of my all time favorite from my time in this college.

    1. Y’all are so nice! Thank you so much! I love our class and my ambition is to build a community so that we are learning together in real time and over time simultaneously. So much good stuff to come still! CT101 is my favorite class too :)))

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