Week 4: “Are memes ART?”

Memes are here to stay, and they are very much pieces of art. I really like that memes can be made from anything and can be used to lift a persons mood within the first look. Even though they are fun to look at and are very creative I feel like it’s very hard to make a good meme but for some people it might just be something they dreamt of and some just need an idea in their brain and once they have an idea of what to make putting it into meme format is very easy.

Rainbow Spongbob meme
One of my favorite moment from spongebob but in a CT101 meme form…

With a quick search on YouTube for “are memes art?” I came across this video of Shia LaBeouf’s answer to “are memes art?” and I think he put it in a good way in which a lot of people can relate to that “anything that moves you is art” and memes tend to do that. I believe that memes are good and tend to be for most people but from this article by Sudipto Roy, they make a good point about memes being used for something Disruptive; “An ironic and light-hearted treatment of a fragmented subject, memes is now seen as a form of ‘everyday conceptualism’ in the modern world.” Some people do tend to see memes in a bad way but memes are in a way universal and while some can really like something others might not. But for me and my friends memes are great way for us to share good moments with each other and have a good time.

Here are a few memes that I really like:

This is from star wars and there are a group of people called the Jedi and they are not to have any relationship because they believe that it can be harmful for the person as it leads to “jealousy and fear of loss, and ultimately the dark side of the Force,” dark side being the exact opposite of everything the Jedi believe in. Of course because of this the above meme was made and I think its a really good one as it uses the pikachu face for the moment perfectly.

As much as I love the Harry Potter movies it still blows my mind that the main character of a film series that has 8 movies did not cast a single spell. This is a movie series about wizards going to school for the sole purpose of learning and controlling their magic. Still love the movies/books.

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  1. Hey, it was nice reading your post. But you forgot to mention the video and essay that Professor Seslow linked on the assignment instruction post. It was this assignment’s requirement to refer to the video and essay. You may want to check them out, because they’ll definitely give you more insights on the history of meme and different perceptions on meme.

  2. Good work on this!
    I really like the the video and essay that you added for context! Super helpful and it helps build and support your narrative. Nice memes applied to the post as well!.
    OK, a few things are missing from the post in relationship to the actual assignment details. Please take another look at those specifications and update your post when you can. It takes practice as the assignments are presented with many little details.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Saurav Singh!

    I agree with you I believe memes really spread alot of joy throughout the internet. In my opinion you had the best / my favorite reaction to CT 101 class meme. I like how you described what the memes meant as well this is especially helpful for someone who has never seen Harry Potter but now i can understand the humor. Great job!

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