Assignment 2- Thoughts on this Class + GIF Making?

What did I think on the first day of the CT101?

Honestly speaking, I thought CT 101 with Professor Ryan Seslow was just going to be another useless computer class, like the ones I’d taken back in middle and high school. Plus, I was confused as to why my schedule labeled CT 101 as an Online Synchronous course (or Hybrid, I honestly forgot which one it was…), but then Professor Seslow was sweet enough to clear up the confusion in an email, and in person, and explain to his students that the course is fully in person. Thanks, Ryan!


Did I like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make me feel?

When I learned more about the course and its creative content, I was excited to delve deeper into the world of Digital Storytelling. Of course, in the beginning, I was so confused about how, and where, to start… If I was even going to succeed, and if I was even going to like the class as a whole as time went on. But the more I attended the short lectures and worked with my peers, the more I started the like the class. Now, I think of this class as a fun elective, a class to give me a break from my usual workload in my Major required classes!



How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?

I feel like CT 101 is much calmer than my other classes so far. It focuses more on the online aspect, and it’s about students expressing themselves through the internet. My other classes are more centered around facts than opinions, so this is a nice break from the monotony of memorization, books, and concrete facts.

I know that the semester is about to end, and I’m upset that I probably won’t be able to take CT 101 again in the future, but at least I can say I was able to experience it and tell my friends about what I did.


What are the creative potentials of this class?

In order to fully realize their creative potential in the digital sphere, people often enroll in CT 101, a course that combines technology and creativity. In order to promote creativity and support a thriving community of digital artists, this short post highlights CT 101’s transforming potential. Join me as we explore CT 101’s seemingly endless creative potential.

Digital Tools as Creative Mediums: In CT 101, students are introduced to a wide range of digital tools and programs that serve as platforms for artistic expression. Students are given the freedom to play with these tools and stretch their imaginations, whether they are video editing programs like Premiere Pro or graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator. The course promotes experimentation with different digital mediums, opening up a plethora of new opportunities for artistic expression.

Remix Culture and Mashup Art: CT 101 welcomes the idea of remix culture and encourages students to build on preexisting materials to produce something fresh and original. Students create original works of art by remixing and mashuping (is that a word?) various components, images, and ideas. This encourages students to discover the creative potential in recreating and repurposing previous works and develops a culture of cooperation, inspiration, and creativity.

Interactive Experiences and User Engagement:  CT 101 highlights the necessity of building interactive experiences that attract and fascinate people. Students are urged to create engaging websites, video games, or other digital works. This emphasis on interactivity builds a closer connection between the artist and the audience, allowing for the development of immersive and unforgettable digital experiences.



How do I feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

My final thoughts on this class and learning new skills that use internet tools is that innovation and creative discovery are stimulated by CT 101. The course unleashes people’s limitless creative potential by combining technology with creative expression. We are given the means to break down barriers and embark on transformative creative journeys via the use of digital tools, remix culture, multimodal storytelling, interactive experiences, and a supportive community in CT 101. Whether you’re a digital artist, storyteller, or simply interested in the beginning of creativity and technology, CT 101 opens the door to a world of limitless possibilities where your imagination knows no bounds! So go out there, and prosper!


Before I leave, check out this GIF I made of a dancing cat!

Ain’t it cute? Okay, byeee!