Assignment #2- When Words Fail, GIFs Speak

GIFs have become a part of my daily life. When I first started using Twitter (still gonna call it that), I went crazy with using GIFs either when tweeting or replying to mutuals. The way I see it is: When words fail, GIFs speak! 

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I had my doubts while skimming through the syllabus for CT101 but that all went away on the first day. But I was kinda sad when I found out that the class meets only once a week.

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Blogging (more so vlogging)  is something I’ve always wanted to explore more, but I just never followed through with it.  Hopefully blogging will serve me well and it’ll be a place where all of my interests can mix together. My life is like an onion- filled with many layers. Shrek said it best! 

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I feel that this class allows me to really be myself. It pushes me to think outside the box and inspires so much creativity. I never thought I’d be taking a class that centers around the use of GIFs, memes & hyperlinks— but here we are!

It’s fascinating to not only use these internet tools but to also learn about their history and how to create my own.

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  1. Looking good here!
    See if you can reference some of the GIF articles in the assignment post, that post of chock full of a lot of content!
    Keep at it!
    Thank you!

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