Assignment 3

Are Memes Art?

When I first saw this question, “Are memes considered art” I realized how similar both could be. I use memes and make memes whenever I get the chance to put a smile on someone’s face or to give a funny response. In my opinion, I consider memes art because some people put out something more into their memes. Many people say that judging how the meme is created is a form of art. I agree with that statement, but I believe people could put emotion without noticing.
Here can be an example.- Meme and Art
ArtEmis' AI spots emotions in paintings - Futurity
23 Emotional memes ideas | memes, emotions, friends forever quotes

People can willingly share their emotions in their memes; the same can go with art. it’s alarming how people can put a feeling within a picture. In general, isn’t that awesome! The art and meme can express the same amount of emotion and thoughts to make someone smile. As someone who makes memes, it’s so cheering when you can put a feeling into it to make a form of character so people would understand.

Video about how memes can be considered art.