Assignment #3: Are Internet Memes Art?

Memes are such an important aspect of the internet that it’s safe to assume it is more than just art; it is a culture.

When most people think of memes, they think of something funny, and with good reason too. Users of instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger tend to use memes in the form of images or gifs to create an emphasized message that is usually hilarious and a bit outrageous, like a bunny with a humanlike smile to show how happy they are (this gif made me laugh quite a bit.)

However, you can use memes to show other emotions besides happiness.

What’s also great about memes is they introduce people to new topics and genres! An old but great meme that is still remembered today is the “Rick Roll”. It was a meme that was created around the time when Youtube first came out, and the main idea of it was to trick users into clicking on a video, then showing Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

I was introduced to Rick Astley through the Rick Roll meme, and I still listen to his music even today.

I think my favorite part about memes is the massive variety that is available. Websites like Imgur and GIPHY  provide new memes to the internet everyday, and they let you know which ones are trending. In my opinion, the most hilarious memes are the ones you can relate to the most.

Whether it be my sad bank account balance,

Laying in my bed and having trouble sleeping,

Last minute panic from trying to do a ten page paper in one night,

Or even trying to stay healthy during the school semester, all these memes, in one sense, are a funny but are also somewhat accurate portrayal of how I feel about certain things. It’s come to a point where memes are not just an “activity” I take part in, but rather, a method of self expression.

What’s awesome about memes is although most people simply just view them, we can ALL make our own memes! Using Make a Meme, I was able to make some pretty cool ones about CT101.

I’m really loving this class so far, but I just realized something…

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