Assignment 3: Are MEMES Art?

Are Memes Art? Hmmmm

Absolutely, memes are indeed art. Memes are a way

for the person to truly express themselves and show there creativity

towards a certain topic and it is here to stay!

Among us is a free mobile/PC game that just came out.

It is pretty much mafia but in space and you have to find the killer

Here some memes from this game that is trending everywhere, it’s  hilarious!

Here is a youtube video from my channel playing among us with my friends!

Now besides Among Us here is a classic meme!

Lebron’s face and frustration towards JR Smith taking the ball to the opposite direction. No one really know what was going on inside this man’s head costing the championship game (click here)

Okay geez… I get it.. your waiting for my CT 101 meme

here you go!

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