Assignment #3- Are Memes Art..?

Art attack Giphy

I personally do think memes count as a form of art, It may not take much thought or be as hard as other forms of art but, I think it counts.

After googling  if memes were art,

I found many links and many people believe memes are also an art form. To me, art is just a form of expression no matter how much effort it takes. Art isn’t just a painting. Even some paintings can take very little effort and still be considered art. Just like the video, we watched in class, the YouTuber mentions how creating a meme is art.

Elsa hanging over a banister. "Duh" meme
A meme I made on my own

A meme of a painter painting a painter

I think that to a certain extent memes being here to stay can be both good and bad because some people are just cruel and will use memes as a way to be mean as well, But at the same time, it can be good because it gives many people a way to express themselves and will also give them a way communicate and relate to others

.Minion "whattt" meme

Memes can definitely be used to tell a story. there are so many different memes put there with the same picture but most of them mean very different things because many people have different interpretations and perspectives of the same picture.

SpiderMan holding up the okay sign. with the words "all done" placed on top.
Another meme I created

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  1. Thank you!
    Keep going please!
    There is a lot of content in the assignment criteria that can be used and referenced here – lets embed a video or two or make a series of memes with a few different meme makers – also – share you first meme story or how you use memes on daily basis, thank you, keep going!
    Please check out this example from one of your classmates as a guide and reference:
    Thank you!

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